zhangjingannie  (姓名: 张敏丽)

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  • 02-26 17:36 writing for you

    I do not know how to let you meet me at my most beautiful moment. I have pray for the Buddha for 500 years; just want him to let us have the
  • 02-25 15:11 被逼写出的垃圾文章,不过也恰好写出了自己的心声

  • 01-26 15:04 FEEL SO EXCITED

        Spring Festival is coming. We will have a holiday for 11 days .And I can go home and get together with my family .I miss them very
  • 12-28 13:55 persistence

      I always tell myself to be strong and carry on ,but never make it .I always inform myself not to say giving up .But i always give up when 
  • 12-24 14:26 The furthest distance in the world

    The furthest distance in the world Is not between life and death But when i stand in front of you Yet you don't know that I love you T

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