psc910227  (姓名: 彭长莎)

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更新于 04-28

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  • 05-11 22:15 Today

      I found myself recently really become lazy, what they do not want to do!!Why???
  • 05-05 13:41 唉。。。

    I think I can do what don't care, but I really can't do.I find I hate everything begin...I want to escape.Actually I am a coward.
  • 04-29 12:03 April 30th

       Tomorrow is May 1st.One of my best friends will come  to my school to see me,of cause there are for relaxation.But I caught a cold.
  • 04-27 13:58 Today

      Today,the weather is very hot,so I want to sleep very much.In class,I am so tired that I don't understand what my teather said.I think
  • 04-26 13:22 Me

    I am very confused,because my oral English is so terriable.And I am very shy so I am afride of speak English in public.I can't understand myself,and

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