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  • 创建:2011-04-27
  • 登录:2013-04-22
  • 性别:
  • 生日:1988年1日

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  • 06-30 18:21 Deluca教你说英语QQ群

    247415949 欢迎加入!!
  • 02-25 14:59 back as a teacher !!!

    我接下来会推出以下课程: 1、英语发音肌肉训练 2、英语发音潜规则 3、语法到底是个什么玩意儿 4、一个礼拜彻底掌握虚拟语气 5、地道俚语大放
  • 07-12 19:46 next time ...

    Next time when I am back,I am a teacher And A good one...
  • 07-12 17:15 thanks.....

    My experience towards life has always been that "never give advice 'cause it'll come back and bite you in the ass",so I was always too consu
  • 07-09 13:22 love you

    Hospital is a wonderful place!! I caught a cold the other day and thought i could sleep it away but you know things not always work the way you want

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  • veinliu 2011-11-01 20:44
    can i have an aisle seat,please ?

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