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  • 10-22 16:55 审美标准 Criterion of beauty

    A: You know, I don’t quite understand the Chinese criterion of beauty. I mean, I asked some Chinese guys who had seen my girlfriend. I aske
  • 10-16 16:56 “电影分级”怎么说?

  • 10-16 16:51 汤姆很能喝酒吗 Does Tom drink a lot

    A: Does Tom drink a lot? 汤姆喝酒喝得很多吗? B: Yes, he does. He of ten has had one to many. But I advised him
  • 05-28 17:29 基础英语会话:你真的要松松劲了!

    VICKI:Now stop worrying about your job Matt. MATT:But I really do think this job is taking over my life. I've got to slow down. VICKI:Yes you need t
  • 05-28 17:28 交际英语口语:Synonyms for "NO"

    Molly: How's it going? Gordon: Same old, same old. Molly: What are we going to learn today? Gordon: Today we will learn useful synonyms for NO and ho

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