lklmas  (姓名: 李快乐)

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  • 03-12 12:42 after U have read

    Please leave a comment after U guys have read any of my essays.That helps me to improve my english writing and shares your opinions with us. Thx.
  • 01-23 01:42 A new job brings new thinkings

    In the end of 2016 when it was going to the ending and there is 7 days left,I came to GuiChi city to look for a brand new or we can say a very unfami
  • 12-22 19:34 when black sky ends for me?

            When  I woke up after heard laughters from the neighbors who led to.I felt I came from the hell to paradise or world
  • 10-05 15:00 gross and ugly side on human nature

          I just talked about something which is how to establish a business with one of my high-school mates who also did the similar job
  • 10-05 09:52 asshole neighbor

           I just woke up by the annoying coughing noises from the woman who shares with the common apartment as a neighbor to me.I

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